Volume 53.3


sample haiku & senryu



the stories
we tell ourselves

Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff


erasing all the marks
             library book
                    on Zen

Barbara Ungar


razor clams
the sharpness
of her tongue

Angela Terry


at each end
of the fishing line
arching backs

Mary Stevens


new moon . . .
the privacy of a river
of stars

Shloka Shankar


thumb in each pocket chatting up parsnips

Jeff Ingram


your past selves
in the you I love
open peonies

Agnes Eva Savich


every year
field stones
the first harvest

Peter Newton


the milky way they have
a printing press
down there

Scott Metz


how tall his thumbs grass whistle

Mariel Herbert


Take Me Out

evening ballgame
behind the Stars & Stripes
a Pride flag

Crackerjacks —
the prize
of feeling ten again

second strike —
high above the infield
a tern changes course

bases loaded —
a steady stream
of inbound planes

chat on the mound . . .
the fan cam
catches a kiss

seventh inning stretch
the long whistle
of a freight train

Tanya MdConald


the road home
stretches into twilight . . .

Chen-ou Liu


hay-scented ferns
my childhood
as a horse

Kristen Lindquist


love letter
she spots a few words

Mona Iordan


in parts of the room
the memory

Gary Hotham


school's out
a kid pulls crawdads
from their hidey-holes

Frank Higgins


map lichen
the long and winding way
to forgiveness

Michele L. Harvey


first date in a while —
a cicada leaves
its shell

Peter Free


Oxford comma not for this blue hour

Cherie Hunter Day


autumn clouds
cottontails scoot
ahead of a combine

Alan S. Bridges


spring morning
the woodpecker
off its meds again

Aaron Barry




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