Volume 49.1
Winter-Spring 2018


sample haiku & senryu




Helen Buckingham


censor's strikes
in dad's war posts—

Mary Jo Balistreri


spring fever
there's a pill
for that too

Johnny Baranski


at last the monsoon rain ukuleles

Lorin Ford


dry wind . . .
shadows in the ribcage
of a foal

Paul Chambers


egg on his face
the Confederate general's statue
pelted by protesters

John J. Dunphy


the freckles
on her nose
tiger lily

Marilyn Fleming


in the pasture pond
Christmas Eve

Merrill Gonzalez


they x-ray
            my hands
                      I can't
                               stop talking

John Martone


at the pool's edge
a gang of sparrows

Frank Hooven


Easrly spring moon—
she never birthed
those fantasy children

Rebecca Lily


snow leopard
a brief sighting
of our teen

Anette Makino


stealing second base the neighbor's dog

Greg Schwartz


aspen wind
we applaud the dance
of the deaf girl

Sarah E. Metzler


coal country
a religious tract stapled
to a phone pole

Tom Painting



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