Volume 53.1
Winter Spring


sample haiku & senryu



when she stopped
being a friend
pears hard as stones

Francine Banwarth


the resurrection
of face masks

Roberta Beary


afternoon moon
she opens her set
of soft pastels

Anne Elise Burgevin


covid moon
attaching her
first toe tag

Claire Vogel Camargo


when we were five or six broom horses

Lorin Ford


spider lilies
the road not taken
no longer there

Alvin B. Cruz


the baby shower
blood moon

Edward Cody Huddleston


now in
on the secret —
budding crocuses

Jessica Malone Latham


I see through her first chrysalis

Elmedin Kadric


water seeps out
from the rusted pail—
his lie

Patricia J. Machmiller


Mountain shadow
     the snail's
          other horn

Vincent Tripi


On the table
     with the crucifix
          a skipping stone

Vincent Tripi


recycle bin
slipped between seed catalogs
childhood drawings

Debbie Olson


last call
a hint of lysol
in the chardonnay

Lorraine A Padden


the last wild strawberry —
my season too
must end

Frank Robinson


whispering oxygen
snowflakes sideways and up
past the window

Dave Russo


just big enough
for a stranger

John Stevenson



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