Volume 51.3


sample haiku & senryu



kicking the tires
to stay warm—
hearse driver

Lew Watts


small town—
the few who come to
a full stop

John Stevenson


this life after a hole in the cocoon

Julie Warther


in the midst
of killings
the flowers return

Crystal Simone Smith


afternoon breeze
across the pool
my book a sail

Agnes Eva Savich


searching for morels she tells me an old lover's secret

Matthew Moffett


the bar by the hospital
falling down
all twelve steps

J. Brian Robertson


a glass of wine
with the departed
winter twlight

Marion Alice Poirer


kingfisher blue rumors of a vaccine

Tanya McDonald


on the desk
of the guidance counselor
unicorn statue

David Oates


summer lockdown
an excavator digs
where the statue was

Lenard D. Moore


snapping beans perhaps not all is forgiven

Kelly Sauvage Angel


selling the house
we quietly unmark
the pets' graves

William Keckler


postal stamps . . .
the zig-zag edges
of our marriage

Kinshuk Gupta


holding the line
held by it
protest march

Ben Gaa


April breeze
the tennis courts
without nets

Bruce H. Feingold


shooting star
we don't shake hands

Yu Chang


hanging on
the rear view mirror
face mask

Caroline Giles Banks



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