Volume 51.1
Winter - Spring


sample haiku & senryu



hospital wait—
folding the shadows
into a paper crane

Kristen Deming


another stair
the weight of my daughter's
college bags

Paul McNeil


all soul's day the hard boiled marked with an X

Francine Banwarth


a girl skipping
with electric cord
blossom wind

Paul Chambers


refugee girl
the red wagon without
a handle

Bill Cooper


newly arrived
the migrant is hired
to pull invasives

Mark Dailey


your buttonhole
summer love

Lee Gurga


frozen earth
the poems i didn't read
to her

Jennifer Hambrick


gravesite chat
a pair of tombstones
lean in

Mark Alan Osterhaus


hard frost
the hunter walks beside
the blood trail

Stella Pierides


as they pass
touching for a moment
two ants

Bryan Rickert


narrowing path
the brush of hands
as we pass

Michele Root-Bernstein


hike break
a spiderweb breathes
on the creek bank

Agnes Eva Savich


at the end of the diving board yes

Mary Stevens


I put her apron

Barbara Ungar



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