Volume 50.1


sample haiku & senryu



rain drums
the watering can
now now now now now

Barbara Ungar


makeup counter
all the shades
of white women

Mary Stevens


bitter wind
he peels the campaign sticker
off his bumper

Greg Schwartz


pastor quick to point out the poison monkshood

Dan Schwerin


it's the potato salad
family reunion

J. Brian Robertson


skipping to
the end of the story
his arm-length tattoo

Jacquie Pearce


breast feeding
under the tree
white magnolias

Guliz Mutlu


hot whiskey
Father spills another

John McManus


first day of school
her hand lets go
before mine

Matthew Markworth


swaying branches
finding the places
where we connect

Annette Makino


magic carpet
she makes room
for me

Frank Hooven


the toddler moving the houseplants higher



beach sand shimmer—
her shed clothes
she doesn't fold

Michele L. Harvey


busy cafe
our opened laptops

Mark Dailey


Two crows joust
for a cigarette end—
hard day

James Roderick Burns


now showing
at the old drive-in—

Kathryn Bold



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