Volume 49.2


sample haiku & senryu



the north-facing window
a piano goes for a walk

Fay Aoyagi


killing time
a slow drive
through the cemetery

Lori Becherer


back room
dad breaking down
a shoebox

Bill Cooper


watching her unfold moonflowers

Jessica Malone Latham


dusting the books
he planned to read this summer
his widow

Bill Kenny


trivia night
knowing more than
she lets on

Michael Henry Lee


not where
I left it
my childhood

Peter Newton


the long arch of the bridge
recalling why
I left

Mark Alan Osterhaus


another day forks knives spoons

Linda McCarthy Schick


full moon
the retirement letter
I haven't sent

Edward J. Rielly


drifting snow
the metroname set
to largo

Michele Root-Bernstein


morning star —
looking for
the right word

Laurence E. Sumners


bread line forming first snowflakes

John Stevenson


into my pocket
the boathouse key

vincent tripi


school canceled
on a new snowman

Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff



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