Volume 49.2





Favorite haiku of the Winter-Spring 2018 issue:

autumn evening
the after-game echoes
of car doors

Barbara Snow

Favorite senryu of the Winter-Spring 2018 issue:

Sign of Peace—
after everyone shakes hands
the smell of hand sanitizer

David Grayson


Favorite haibun of the Winter-Spring 2018 issue:

Love Goes So Down

You get injured of course when you fall but you have to go because you want to go you need to go down a wind chime rings hug yourself find a handhold the sound of his breathing—breath like wings who is it what is it—you have to go down to know that is the price the place where everything lives and flies and stings.

Of course it doesn’t last you have to go up to pour the tea to wash your cup to eat a prune.

You were happy with him although you often quarreled the oars on the boat row as if they are old and trembly nothing is the same now that the boat is empty.

Love goes so down. I wish I knew where though I’ve been to that place before stood on its ledge where a river runs below to wherever shore it is bound—deep it is deep—the river creeps as it deepens further down below the roar and mud and things you can’t talk about as life from death as hope from despair as weeping is from greeting a friend who wears many coats and takes off only one.

long into autumn
one cricket song
from a bush

by Carol Pearce-Worthington           




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