Volume 48.2
Summer 2017


sample haiku & senryu



lingering at the rest stop a frog's eggs

Eric Burke


cratered moon . . .
what I harbor
has barnacles

Francine Banwarth


no more dandruff
on his blue suit
open casket

Lori Becherer


old enough to be a table for one

Robert Epstein


election gloom
around the table—
the wishbone

Kristen Deming


moon shadow
the arch
of a dumpster diver

Mohammad Azim Khan


my son left him here
with us

Bob Lucky


tackle box
some of the hooks
he left behind

Robert B. McNeill


hospital alcove
at the foot of a saint
a paper cup

Roland Packer


making out the constellations overhead

Tom Painting


wading out—
the more and more of me
no one can see

Mike Spikes


again I pull
what would have been
her weeds

Julie Warther



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