Volume 47.3
Autumn 2016





Favorite haiku of the Summer 2016 issue:

my hands as I wait for the water to warm

Michael Fessler


Favorite senryu of the Summer 2016 issue:

by the hour
my therapist's
jelly beans

George Dorsty


Favorite haibun of the Summer 2016 issue:

Black Friday

I return my baby sister to her group home.
Her two-day visit, a steady cycle of medications,
cigarettes, and eating. Our discussion of an early death
ends with a goodbye shrug. I roam the mall alone among
the grinning and shopping. Digesting the notion of family, my thoughts
turn to my nephew in his little prison of a dismal apartment—
my big sister, his warden. I don’t like child prisons so I don’t visit much.

the in-laws eat
and leave

by Crystal Simone Smith             




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