Volume 47.1
Winter 2016


sample haiku & senryu



new year I regift the windchimes

Carolyn Hall


in their dark glass tank
the lobsters
orbiting the sun

Mike Andrelczyk


dressing room
the weight of the wedding gown
she steps into

Robyn Hood Black


the shadows
of returning geese . . .
Ground Zero

Mark E. Brager


bomb in the Metro
petals in a
clear glass bowl

Lee Giesecke


your gift of soup hard rain

Linda McCarthy Schick


clear night skies
your quiet search
for my birthmark

Gerard Krebs


blind date
the way she says

Joe McKeon


New Year's Eve
he kisses everyone
but me

Jade Pisani


fish kill
they decide against

Kala Ramesh


in another world
what would become of us
paper clips

Barbara Snow


farmer's market ripe with gossip

Jeffrey Stillman


what's in it
for me
refrigerator light

John Stevenson


summer ends
the whale shark

Ian Willey




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