Volume 47.1
Winter 2016





Favorite haiku of the Autumn 2015 issue:

our grandson asks


Deb Koen


Favorite senryu of the Autumn 2015 issue:

my offering to Ogun
now in the belly
of a mouse


Tyrone McDonald


Favorite haibun of the Auitumn 2015 issue (three-way tie):


I’m coming as cancer to the costume party. I’ll fork Lucifer’s liver, break the Skeleton’s bones, shit the Ghost’s sheet, put the Ghoul in the hospital, scare the hell into you. I’ll replicate until midnight has a stroke, take off your face, go home to your grave.

surrendering to the doomed
cabbage moth

by Bill Gottlieb              


There is not a bird in the sky. A 9th grader walks the parking lot before school, his face a frozen fist. He shivers from the dead zero of the morning, hoodie pulled like a monk’s cowl. He is earlier than the others, the building itself, still unopened. Without my key card, how long would he wait for the door? When he shuffles past into the hallway, he mumbles the frozen hello he saves for adults.


by Al Ortolani             


I am who I was meant to be. It is what it is. The universe is unfolding as it should. Such bromides make me feel better. The fact that they are tautologies doesn’t matter.

sunlit stone
a snake asleep
tail to mouth

by George Swede             




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