Volume 46.1
Winter Spring


sample haiku & senryu



our shrinking woodpile trial separation

Jeffrey Stillman


petals on the stream
I find myself
saying yes



slicing apples
you look away when you
talk about your father

Penny S. Visser


freed for a while
the junkyard dog
lies on his chain

George Swede


she has
her braids again
winter wind

Ann K. Schwader


eating alone
forcing a smile
for the selfie

Philip Rowland


she lifts her mask
to smile . . .
office party

Ken Olson


factory gates
a night shift worker shreds
his lotto ticket

John McManus


vietnam my father's given name

Brent Goodman


woodland mold—
the missing girl
wore pearls

Michael McClintock


two inches of water
             dead wasp
       going on alone

Carl Mayfield


summer night dream—
not getting too close
to the largest stars

Robert Mainone


funeral lilies
still uncut

Kristen Deming


after the affair
the throaty voice of
his Mustang GT

Johnny Baranski


the candle stub

Helen Buckingham


fallen leaves me with my grudges

Francine Banwarth




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