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Cultural Memory in Issa

David G. Lanoue



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2014 Spiess Contest Guidelines

books reviews:
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Laughing to Myself, by Tom Clausen (Rochester, Ny.: Free Food Press, 2013). 50 pages; 51⁄4”x81⁄4”.

Marching with Tulips, by David Cobb (Uxbridge, U. K.: Alba Pub- lishing, 2013). 76 pages; 53⁄4”x81⁄4”.

What Happens in Haibun: A Critical Study for use in Tandem with the Haibun Collection ‘Marching With Tulips,’ by David Cobb (Uxbridge, U. K.: Alba Publishing, 2013).

Susurrus, by Anita Krumins (Toronto: Inspress, 2013). 56 pages; 51⁄2”x81⁄2”.

World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation, edited by Dimitar Anakiev (Templeton, Calif.: Kamesan Books, 2013). 392 pages; 51⁄2”x81⁄2”.


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