Volume 44.2


sample haiku & senryu



stripping wallpaper
down to older wallpaper
a local murder

Peter Yovu


mopping up you spill the beans

Jim Westenhaver               


pitchfork left upright
in the daffodils
she says yes

Ann Spiers


one tear for him
one for me

Lidia Rozmus


njegovo laskanje nima konca prekuhan riz

no end to his flattery overcooked rice

Polona Oblak


longest night
the hound dog stuck
in the doghouse

Haiku Elvis
(Carlos Colon)


           neuters her dog

Bill Pauly



Emily Romano


my daughter's diary—
alone with
her thoughts

Kristin Oosterheert


what we grew together killing frost

Jayne Miller              


mother's milk
the ache
of this world

Annette Makino


no one
at the water cooler
spring layoffs

Deborah P Kolodji


crooked teeth driving my frozen grave to work

Lee Gurga             


spring training . . .
behind the dugout
a new girlfriend

William Scott Galasso


New Year's Day . . .
just enough snow
to make a footprint

Stanford M. Forrester


heirloom tomato
an older woman
with a man in tow

George Dorsty


all the family news
I didn't need to know

Karen DiNobile


waiting room
the pregnant girl
pops her gum

Billie Dee


star of bethlehem
no passing zone
all the way home

Aubrie Cox


suddenly single—
the carpenter bee gives me
the wrong kind of buzz

Roberta Beary


an old jalopy up on blocks blossoming pear

Johnny Baranski           



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