Volume 44.1
Winter-Spring 2013


sample haiku & senryu


remembering why
I never kept in touch

Barb Behrendt


smoothing it
with gloved hands
the ransom note

Carlos Colon


selecting plots
for eternal rest

Elizabeth Crocket


forty-fifth reunion . . .

Charlotte Digregorio


clinging to an old hope the reek of mothballs

Lorin Ford                   


seven sisters
some things are clearer
in the dark

Bryce Emley


toy guns . . .
the war lasts till
dinner time

Stanford M. Forrester


beach party gossip—
picking the meat from crab legs
with a crab claw

Carolyn Hall


Graduation day
the mother and daughter wear
matching nose jobs

Alicia Hilton


the boys look small
next to their girlfriends

Marcus Larsson


rest on mud
you sink in

John Martone


old book fair—
a pair of swallowtails
in inky black

Emiko Miyashita


lets her down easy
see saw

Robert Moyer


ghost stories . . .
campfire smoke
keeps following me

Bill Pauly


tennis backspin
my son asks me
about girls

Michelle Shaefer


line at the casket
an old flame
touches the wood

Dan Schwerin


i try to give
the poem deeper meaning . . .
coffee cup flotsam

George Swede


hermit crab
the teen couple finds
the fisherman's shack

Linda Jeannette Ward


the truths I know
gather dust on the shelves—
autumn wind

Billie Wilson



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