Volume 43.3
Autumn 2012


sample haiku & senryu


skin off the peach—
a slip
of the tongue

Francine Banwarth


the flush beneath
her white shift
wild strawberries

Mark Brager


          Twelfth Day
   we place the wreath
on the snowman’s grave

Helen Buckingham


not everyone thinks
I'm delightful

Cynthia Cechota


leaves on the river bank beginning dialysis

Scott Glander


aging ...
getting the freckles
i wanted in childhood

Charlotte Digregorio


family discussion
chili and beans simmer
on the stove

Lynn Edge


dogwood blossoms —
the homeless man enjoys
a private joke

Barry George


night breeze
a teen and I
talk about everything

Marcus Larsson

black ice
not seeing your anger
for what it is

Beverly Acuff Momoi


if it were all
that simple

John Soules


bedtime story ...
we both know
there is no happy ending

Angela Terry



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