Volume 43.1
Winter Spring 2012


sample haiku & senryu


cold front—
an urgent wind
at my back

Robyn Hood Black


harvest moon—
the songs you never
sang to me

Majorie Buettner


train whistle
the retired conductor
checks his watch

Gayle Bull


tennis match . . .
the only time he mentions

Cynthia Cechota


breaking clouds
my favorite of the seven
deadly sins

Carlos Colón


each of us
with her own opinion—
spicy samosas

Susan Constable


sparrow shadows
on the porch—
she never just calls

Aubrie Cox


another white lie
I can't bear to repeat . . .
hunger moon

Margaret Dornaus


casual embrace—
suddenly conscious
of my breasts

Harriot West


spicy chicken . . .
this impulse to ask
if she's married

Chen-ou Liu


gravel road
your lie
in my gut

Jayne Miller


pruning the apple tree
I let go
my argument

Marsh Muirhead


her iPhone
back between her thighs
the traffic moves on

Greg Piko


     tight black stitches
on her wrist—
     holding things together

William M. Ramsey


gonggoinggone    in

Peter Yovu



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