Volume 43.1
Winter Spring 2012




Favorite haiku of the autumn 2011 issue:

this life
this dying—swish
of a koi's tail

Margaret Chula

Favorite senryu of the autumn 2011 issue:

spring gusts
the wild woman
in my shadow

Marilyn Appl Walker

Favorite haibun of the aumtumn 2011 issue:

Two Summers

While politicians debate, deny, and discredit scientific proof of global warming, the rest of us simply observe our world. In southeast Alaska we typically experience a long winter and a fleeting spring. Summer visits briefly, and then an early autumn begins its cold and rainy push into another winter.

But today, driving to town, we passed patch after patch of bright dandelions and purple-blue lupine blooming in the median. In the middle of October, another summer.

                  blazing sun
                  the buyers of that ugly house
                  cut down the trees that hid it

                                             by Billie Wilson



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