Volume 42.2
Summer 2011


sample haiku & senryu


spring snow
the chill of
ultrasound jelly

Melissa Allen


paper moon
        any kiss
will do

Francine Banwarth


the slow turn
of an old windmill
almost spring

Marjorie Buettner


winter twilight
we assure each other
of reincarnation

Cynthia Cechota


mother's day . . .
wrapping the pink dress
for the funeral home

Charlotte Digregorio


movie exit —
shrinking back
to life-size

Rees Evans


transit of Venus . . .
something struggles
in the orb weaver's web

Lorin Ford


my wife asks me
who I am

Peter Joseph Gloviczki


debutante ball
at every table
forced tulips

Scott Duke Kominers


hearing a snowplow
           you turn on yr right side
                               to sleep

John Martone


night blooming jasmine
some prefer whiskey
to chamomile tea

Marian Olson

dawn glow
the smell of her
shower steam

Jeremy Pendrey


open-faced sandwiches
my comment
touches a nerve

Jay Santini

tent zipper opens
with a rising tone —
myriad of stars

Ruth Yarrow


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