Volume 41.2
Summer 2010


sample haiku & senryu


just a kiss

Francine Banwarth


profusion of
American Beauties—

Patricia J. Machmiller


Dust in the wind—
a little boy's tenderness
for a lizard

Rebecca Lilly


skinny dipping—
her cute names
for everything

Bill Kenney


the mountain submerged
in wind
an old gospel song

Eve Luckring


neighborhood boys peek
as I remove my
brake pads

Eve Luckring


beneath mistletoe
the old dog finds a place
to lick itself

LeRoy Gorman


wild mint
he gives in
a little

Johnette Downing


my hand on her belly
we watch the salmon
leap the falls

William Cullen Jr.


find me in the sounds
of sparkling brooks . . . young leaves
songs of forest birds

Robert Mainone


after the honeymoon
       the roughness
of his new beard

Audrey Olberg


box canyon
between mountains and sky
I found the way

Lidia Rozmus


Titan missile silo
the sign warns
of rattlesnakes

Ann K. Schwader


winter morning—
scribbles on a scratch pad
get the ink flowing

John Stevenson


on a snail shell . . .
she tells me why he left

Harriot West


dresses cover the bed
she stands at the window
watching the October rain

Cor van den Heuvel



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