Volume 40.3
Autumn 2009


sample haiku & senryu


under the boardwalk
the deep timbre
of the cop’s voice

Roberta Beary


stillborn calf
one windmill
not turning

Allan Burns


pink petals
she chooses
a lighter lip gloss

Aubrie Cox


diplomat's child—
she draws her houses
with wings

Kristin Deming


so many cars
illegally parked—
policeman's funeral

Don Korobkin


summer road trip
a change in mood
with the top up

Erik Linzbach


one more story
stars glow in the dark
above her bed

Peggy Willis Lyles


cormorant's wake
she chides me for not
wearing my ring

paul m.


    reading a poem
of urbane intelligence
      how dead it is

William M. Ramsey


taut strands
of the barbed wire fence . . .
so much left unsaid

Charles Trumbull


O what the hell
haiku poet finally
kills the fly

Le Wild



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