Volume 38.3 Autumn 2007


sample haiku & senryu


late summer wake
     remembering when
we weren’t the old aunts

Francine Banwarth


spring rain
a missing child poster
peels from the light pole

Anne LB Davidson


casualty lists—
smaller and smaller

Kristen Deming


fallen robin’s egg—
the sky
the same blue

Stanford M. Forrester


another dawn . . .
waiting for enough light
to peel my pear

Caroline Gourlay


spinal center—
the graceful curves
of the tropical fish

Ruth Holzer


Easter sleet storm
the parking lot full
at the nursing home

Marsh Muirhead


introducing myself
to the neighbors
hurricane season

Jamey Stevenson


old plum trees:
how quickly the one dies
after the other

Tom Tico


the street-corner preacher
points the way
with his Bible

Michael Dylan Welch



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