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Volume 37.2
Summer 2006


sample haiku & senryu


autumn nightfall
dusk in her
silk stockings

Francine Banwarth


autumn woods . . .
at my sister's house
I wear one of her sweaters

Janelle Barrera


A cloud glides over
the face of the moon—
sound of the belled cat, hunting

Billy Collins


last of the daffodils
brrng brrng brrng of a bicycle
approaching from behind

Carolyn Hall


borrowing a pen

PMF Johnson


a yellow bag
over the gas nozzle—
dog-day cicadas

Peggy Willis Lyles


flower shop girl
her smock the same color
as the daffodils

Patricia Neubauer


unstrung pearls
the children divide
her estate

w.f. owen


out of the blue
the window washer
brightens my day

Tom Painting


high school photo—
eyes more confident then
than now

Carmen Sterba




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