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Volume 37.2
Summer 2006





Favorite haiku of the autumn issue:

a lifetime of buttons
in the mason jar—
winter sun

Dan McCullough

Favorite senryu of the autumn issue:

soldier unfolding the scent of a letter

Chad Lee Robinson

Favorite haibun of the autumn issue:


The flood waters swirl past overturned casino tables, uprooted trees, debris from thousands of homes; black smoke coils, roils past orange flames on the oily water … which bubbles like a geyser … “a scene from hell” says the anchorwoman. The richest country in the world, struck a week ago by capricious Katrina … leaving death and devastation in her wake … my maid, who has been watching the news, is unable to understand why people are being winched off buildings by helicopters … I explain about the hurricane and that people there are now without food, without electricity and without clean water.

She looks puzzled and says, “that is bad … but this happens in my village every year, during the rains … our homes get washed away, we are left with nothing but the clothes we wear and we have no electricity, no clean water to drink or wash in … and many people old and young get taken by the river … no helicopters ever come. Why?”

arcing into it
          a sprinkler ripples into
                    the pond without fish

by Angelee Deodhar 



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