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Volume 36.2
Summer 2005


sample haiku & senryu


news from Mars—
my toddler’s searching hand
under my shirt
Susan Antolin


August twilight ...
he reminds me
of my shortcomings
Francine Banwarth


summer heat
moving the argument
to the shade
Jack Barry


home from the war
not your prayers
he says just luck
Randy M. Brooks


   i center her punch bowl
on antique lace
      day of the wake
Ellen Compton


star-studded sky
the gleam of stepping stones
across the frozen creek
Angie Hawk


August heat—
no more clothes
we can take off
P M F Johnson


inside the mirror ...
the monkey
Robert Mainone


the tide rises
a hint of orange
in winter sky
Laura Podeschi


heirloom quilt—
of course the cat
thinks it’s hers
Emily Romano


extra innings—
the vendor sips
his own beer
Mathew V. Spano


winter cabin
I find the cookie tin
in the dark
Zach Zufall



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