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Volume 35.3
Autumn 2004



Favorite haiku of the summer issue:

Mid-winter evening,
alone at the sushi bar—
just me and this eel
Billy Collins

flag draped coffin
one who left in a crowd
returns home alone
Mike Dillon

chest       nuts
hers        mine
LeRoy Gorman

Favorite senryu of the summer issue:

construction site
security . . .
wags its tail
Joan Morse Vistain

Favorite haibun of the summer issue:

Riddling the Dark

reading antiwar poetry with contempt, not for its message, but the smooth Braille of its obviousness, detachment from experience, safe eruption of the ego, a reflection of my circumstances and over-confidence in my own utterances. Longing for reality beyond this sedation

yesterday in the West
                                    today in the East
                  tomorrow’s news flash

by Jamie Edgecombe



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