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Volume 35.2
Summer 2004


2004 high school student scholarship awards


2004 Scholarship Awards
for High School Students

We thank all the students who participated in this contest. The haiku that are the recipients of the 2004 Haiku Scholarships for high school seniors are:

The 17th annual Kay Titus Mormino Memorial Scholarship ($500):

faded paper fan
on the windowsill
summer’s end

Amy Aderman
School of the Arts
Rochester, N.Y.

The 7th annual Geraldine C. Little Memorial Scholarship ($250):

as the clouds

Abby Schultz
Walhert High School
Dubuque, Iowa

The 10th annual Nunzio Crisci Memorial Scholarship ($200):

the pretty girl
and her cold sore
Ryan Deutmeyer
Walhert High School
Dubuque, Iowa

The following haiku are recognized as worthy of publication:

my emotions

Claudia Bracewell
Walhert High School
Dubuque, Iowa


the Super Bowl—
best friends bitterly divided
until the commercials

Michael Knepper
Walhert High School
Dubuque, Iowa


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