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Volume 35.2
Summer 2004


sample haiku & senryu


leaning on his rake
Autumn wind fills
the prisoner's sleeve

Gary Lebel


Two crows on the ice
flapping their wings as they peck—
I pull my scarf tight.

Billy Collins


veteran's day:
combat boots filled
with closet darkness

Joyce Walker Currier


fireflies . . .
another pair of bare feet
on the porch rail

Robert Gilliland


the heron's wingspan
my daughter
shows me

Michael Kennedy


Steven LeRoy


heretic me . . .
the orthodox cricket
chanting vespers

Robert Spiess


everywhere this week
I remember you said
get lost

John Stevenson


a jacket
on the playground fence
summer moon

Cor van den Heuvel


last day of school—
a girl standing in the surf
lifts her dress

John W. Wisdom


tucking the bedspread
under double bed pillows
her old bosoms hang

Ruth Yarrow



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