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Volume 35.1
Spring 2004


sample haiku & senryu


day of atonement . . .
the weight of crabapples
bent to the ground

Randy Brooks


Full moon on new snow,
and in the corner
an open can of white paint.

Billy Collins


talk of the war
a spider shedding
its pale replica

Cherie Hunter Day


breaking the fast . . .
baby chews a yarmulke
placed on his head

Robert H Deluty


secluded highway—
in and out of my headlights
a John 3:16 sign

Curtis Dunlap


temple bell . . .
     the breeze
          on a dandelion stem

Stanford M. Forrester


porch swing
a star
through the leaves

Ryan Michael Jones


Cold tea in cups—
sweaters draped over chairs
in the garden pagoda

Rebecca Lilly


shooting star . . .
promptly picked off
second base

Dan McCullough


what slice of sun
questions the architect:
gingko yellow

Emiko Miyashita


the Quaker's silence
spills out a wide-open door
—autumn woods

Carmen Sterba


patches of snow—
he walks his first bike
back up the hill

Billie Wilson


rising from prayer—
the folds of her habit
open to sun

Rich Youmans


sudden rain—
the dearly beloved
scatter to cars

Matt Zambito



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